K9 Camper Country * Boarding*Training*Grooming!
K9 Camper Country * Boarding*Training*Grooming! 

Professional Grooming Services


We use only high quality grooming products and colognes to ensure your camper looks, smells, and feels their best! Top quality tear-free shampoo is used on the head and face, and all campers are hand dried.


What We Offer

Scrub-A-Dub: Bath, nail trim, and ears cleaned.

Full Groom: Bath, nails, ears cleaned, and/or plucked and a cut that meets your satisfaction.

Ala Carte Items: 

             Nail Trim Only $8

             Anal Glands $5

             Brush Out Only $10 - $20

             Pawticure (includes nail trim & polish) $15

             Ear Cleaning Only $5

             Teeth Brushing $5


Elizabeth (Izzy) Steltenpohl Smith

Co-Owner, Head Groomer, Head Trainer

Izzy has been grooming for 4 years. She began her grooming career in the dog show world, learning from breeders and professional handlers how to trim and cut dogs' hair to perfection for the show ring. She then ventured into the world of pet grooming. She went through several internships under different groomers before starting up grooming here at K9 Campers. 

Izzy grooms all breeds of dogs from young puppy to senior citizen, with a special effinity for doodles and poodles. 

K9 Campers

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Drop Off/Pick up

Monday - Friday 

8am -5pm

Sat and Sun

9am-10am and 4pm- 5pm


             Boarding and grooming

                by Appointment only