K9 Camper Country * Boarding*Training*Grooming!
K9 Camper Country * Boarding*Training*Grooming! 

Dog Training!

K9 Campers has partnered up with K9 Flyah Preparatory to offer you and your dog the best, most up to date, dog training on the market. Anything from basic household manners and puppy training to service dog work and therapy dog evaluations. 

For more information on dog training call Izzy  at (812-521-5031), email K9 Flyah Prep at k9flyahprep@gmail.com, or go online to k9flyahprep.com 




K9 Campers

5132 N Terry Rd 

Austin In 47102

(812) 413-3173


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Drop Off/Pick up

Monday - Friday 

8am -5pm

Sat and Sun

9am-10am and 4pm- 5pm


             Boarding and grooming

                by Appointment only